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Marketing Research

Highlights sites and resources needed to understand an existing market and identify its critical components.

Market Share: by Rankings

1. Type your company name in the main search box.

2. When the results appear, select the Market Share Reports link or the Rankings link.


The Market Share Reports link will connect you to many editions of the book, Market Share Reporter and the Rankings link will connect you to many editions of the books, Business Rankings Annual.

Market Share Reporter
Presents comparative business statistics of companies, products and services and cites original sources. It assembles market shares from 1,133 sources.

Business Rankings Annual
The editors have culled thousands of items from periodicals, newspapers, financial services, directories, statistical annuals and other printed material. The "top 10" from each of these rankings appears in each volume, grouped under standard subject headings for easy browsing.

Find rankings of companies by revenue from the same industry.

1. From the top of the page, select: Company. Then, scroll down and select: Company Finder.

BIG Company Finder

2.  From the left navigation column, select the country where your company is located, then select NAICS and type in either the NAICS industry code you need, or highlight the industry from the available listings. Click "update"



3.  The results will list companies that operate within the same industry, listed by revenue.

You can make a list of companies by a number of variables. Here, we'll make a list by revenue.

1. First, access Company Dossier from the Nexis Uni site.

2. . Start at the Find a Company page.
3.. From the left navigation column, select: Create a Company List

3. You can choose to make a list by a number of variables, such as the range of sales/revenue or industry (by SIC or NAICS codes), etc. For this example, we want to see how Tiffany compares to other companies in the same industry.

3. First, enter the NAICS code for Jewelry Stores, which is: 448310.

4. Next, we want to limit to stores in the U.S.

5. Scroll down to Geographic Locations and select Edit.

6. When the pop-up box appears, select: North America.

7. Next, check the box by: United States

8. Scroll to the bottom and select: Create.

9. When the first part of the list appears, scroll to the bottom and select: Customize

10. You can check off any of the boxes you'd like to include in your chart. You can also control the number of results you want to see. Then, select: update.

11. See your results.


Find ARTICLES about a company's market share

You can search the following business periodical databases:

Conduct the search as follows:

  • Start with the company or industry or product or brand
  • Then, combine with any of the following keywords:
    market share OR marketing OR ranking
    • Pepsi AND
      (market share OR rank OR ranking)
    • (Athletic footwear OR Athletic Shoes OR Sneakers)
      (market OR brand)
      (market share OR share OR rank OR ranking)