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Marketing Research

Highlights sites and resources needed to understand an existing market and identify its critical components.

Trade Shows

An important element in gathering industry information is finding a path to market. The list below will help in identifying where a particular industry might be most likely to exhibit its products or services.

Hover over the links to see descriptions of the websites.

1. Start at the Guided Search area. In the first box, "What are you interested in?" select: News.

2. In the "Search for all News for" box, type the word "industry" followed by your industry in parentheses. For example, industry (automotive)

3. In the "Choose Date Range" box, select the time frame you need. 


4. In the results page, use the column on the left to Narrow your results further.
5. Under Publication Type, select: Business Opportunities. You may have to select More if you don't see the entire list.


6. Continue using other segments to narrow further. For example, under Subjects, select: automotive.